The Kunstverlag Josef Fink (Lindenberg) is publishing a lavishly illustrated companion volume to the project "Evangelische Migrationsgeschichte(n)". It serves as a joint exhibition catalogue for all participating exhibitions. It deals with Huguenots and (Austrian) exiles, emigrants to the USA, individual refugee fates such as that of the Slovenian reformer Primoz Trubar or the Brunswick Duchess Eléonore d'Olbreuse, who came from Poitou, as well as mass phenomena of flight and expulsion in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The editors: Dr Thomas Greif is director of the Diakonie Museum in Rummelsberg near Nuremberg and spokesman for the working group "Museums in the Protestant Area". Dr Andrea Thurnwald (+) was director of the Museum Kirche in Franken in Bad Windsheim.

The volume has about 300 pages, has over 200 multi-coloured illustrations and costs 29.00 Euros. It is expected to be available from the participating museums from mid-March.