Joint exhibition

Kirchentag 2023 / Travelling Exhibition

Exhibition venue: Fembo-Haus Nuremberg (during the Kirchentag - 7 to 11 June 2023 - and beyond).

The exhibition will be a compilation of all research results and individual exhibitions of all 10 project partners.

In terms of content, the exhibition will have a biographical focus and present the biographies of migrants as examples for the respective regional and temporally located research.

Together with partners from France, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and the USA, 5 Bavarian museums will shed light on migratory movements that have their origins in faith, economic hardship or war. They hereby provide an occasion to take a closer look at the topic of migration from the perspective of urban history as well. To kick off the exhibition, selected objects will be presented in the Baroque vestibule and there will be an opportunity for dialogue with the project partners. 

Events in the context of the exhibition: 

Vernissage of the exhibition in the presence of the Bavarian and European project partners.
Date: 6 June 2023, 6 p.m.

Lecture: Art as a lifeline - Joris and Jacob Hoefnagel as exiles of the European religious wars 1568-1630 
Speaker: Dr. Evelyn Reitz, Director of the Fembo House
Date: 25.05.2023; 6.00 p.m.